QDB hosts workshop on organizing and managing trade fairs for SMEs

To bolster the ability of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) to market their products in both existing and newly-emerging markets, Qatar Development Bank (QDB) successfully hosted a developmental workshop on organizing and managing trade fairs.



Skills training

The training program, which was arranged in collaboration with Intraservice, a Netherlands-based professional training and coaching company, was attended by 95 participants. The workshop was designed to equip attendees with practicable exhibition skills so as to raise their professional capabilities to commercialize local products and services on a global scale.

Executive director for Tasdeer, QDB’s export program, Hassan Khalifa Al Mansoori said: “With our exhibition management workshop, we seek to raise awareness amongst local entrepreneurs about the many considerations exhibitors have to undertake during expos at an international scale.”

He added: “We inform them about the many methods through which they may organize their exhibitions more expeditiously and skillfully to achieve ultimate sales objectives.”

Free exchange of views

Trade fair

The workshop was designed to facilitate a free exchange of views and ideas between coaches and participants. It covered a number of pivotal topics, such as: `How to successfully participate in trade shows’, `Important principles of participation in exhibitions’, and `How to conceptualize a winning strategy’.

Entrepreneurs in attendance were instructed on the mechanisms of attracting targeted visitors and ensuring a healthy footfall at their company’s stand at the show. The session also included a tutorial on displaying products and services aesthetically to maximize potential buyers and sellers.

Soft skills training

The program included soft skills training in interpersonal skills and customer service to help attendees guide their respective audiences using high standards of ethics and business practises. It discussed building relationships with existing clientele and bidders so they may communicate with greater flexibility, confidence and efficiency.



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