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Make sure you are spotted by your target audience in the right place by advertising with bq, either in print or online. To find out details on how we can help you promote your brand, please refer to our media kits or contact our advertorial team.

For all advertising inquiries, please contact:
Bosco Menezes, Advertising Manager

T: +974 4491 3761
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Advertising and Editorial Guidelines

Magazine readers value both editorial content and advertising as sources of information. For bq, our integrity and long-term viability depend on a clear distinction between the two, without which both editorial and advertising lose credibility with the reader.

The following guidelines are intended to help maintain industry-wide standards for preserving this crucial distinction. bq follows both the ASA (Advertising Standards Authority, UK) and ASME (American Society of Magazine Editors) best practice guidelines which have been designed so editorial and advertising teams are able to communicate them clearly to clients.

An advertisement is content paid for by an advertiser to promote its products or services. Such content may appear as a single page, double-page spread, insert or onsert, or in the case of in the form of differently positioned banners.

Appearance: The layout and design of advertisements should be entirely different from bq magazine’s normal layout and design. reserve the right to reject or cancel any advertising and/or linkage to an advertiser’s website for any reason at any time, including without limitation, as a result of linkages to other websites included in the advertiser’s website.

Labelling: Any advertisement that contains text or design elements that have an editorial appearance must be conspicuously identified with the word “advertising” or “advertisement.”

Covers: The cover is the editor’s and publisher’s brand statement. Advertisements will not be printed directly on the cover or spine. Advertisements printed on false covers or cover flaps will not be integrated with editorial content and will not use cover lines similar to those used by bq magazine. Advertisements printed on false covers and cover flaps will be labelled as advertising.

Logos: bq’s name or logo will not appear in advertisements, unless the advertisements are for bq (bq magazine and/or and/or its promotions (or the advertised product has previously received an editorial award or review from the magazine). Advertiser logos will not appear on editorial pages.

Product Placement: No advertiser may purchase product placement or mention in editorial pages, photographs or illustrations.

Cancellation: Advertisers may not cancel orders for, or make changes in, advertising after the closing dates of bq magazine, without express permission from the Publisher. For, advertising orders shall be non-cancellable after the first date on which the advertising is scheduled to appear on the website and through the advertising period agreed to pursuant to the insertion order.

Quality: Ads should be of the highest graphic quality possible and be proofread so as not to contain typographical or grammatical errors. The Publisher is not responsible for errors or omissions in any advertising materials provided by the advertiser or its agency or for changes made after closing dates.

Advertorials: bq magazine does not accept advertorials or full-page text ads. The participation of editorial staff in the creation of advertising is a conflict of interest and will be avoided.

Product & services promotion: bq magazine has a dedicated “In Context” section for the promotion of all products, services, events and news. bq magazine does not carry articles that promote products or businesses in its feature section. The broader survey-type articles that bq features in the Services section are meant to provide a list of services available in a particular sector. In instances like this, bq will reach out to the industry and feature those that have responded.

Editorial: All editorial content is generated by bq and its contributors. bq does not accept articles written by agencies or advertisers unless an expert opinion has been requested for by bq. The expert opinion can in no way promote the business, product or service offered by the expert’s organization and needs to be of a generic nature which the expert is qualified to speak about. (Refer to “expert opinion” section guidelines)

Conflict of Interest: Advertising and editorial are independent of each other at bq and one cannot influence the other. Editorial staff and contributors will not participate in creating content for an advertiser or advertisement. This is to assure the editorial integrity of bq is maintained at all times and conflict of interest is avoided. The online editor and editor-in-chief’s discretion is final for website and magazine content respectively.

Invoices: Invoices are rendered on or about the on-sale date of bq magazine or for, the first date on which the advertising is scheduled to appear. Payments are due within 30 days from the date of invoice. All payments must be made in the currency stated on the invoice.