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GCC countries are growing fast, offering innovative first-class infrastructure and making it a good time for healthcare providers in this region to grab a significant share of the worldwide health tourism industry, valued at USD 50 bn.

With positive figures and an evident rise in online gamers, how prepared is the region to take advantage of this lucrative industry?

Freehold and leasehold properties are finally cornering the market in Qatar.

Despite government support, several local entrepreneurs are either holding back or unsuccessful. bq takes a closer look at the entrepreneurial eco-system in Qatar.
Just falafel index - big mac alternative

Given the popularity and convenience of the Big Mac Index by The Economist, devised a similar, but more local, solution/version for currency valuation. The Just Falafel index uses (dollar) as the base currency and, of course, a regular Falafel (priced at local currency) as the product of choice.

Most people work for themselves to make more money and have more control, but being a successful entrepreneur involves a lot more.
collage pencil

By going into people’s homes and collecting and arranging the knick-knacks, figurines and other objects that will appear alongside his subjects in his portraits, Los Angeles-based Amir Fallah has been both obstructing and perpetuating the history of portraiture and patronage.

Serbia has been working on improving its FDI figures for a long time. Talks with possible investors from EU and USA haven’t amounted to much, but lately this Balkan country has found a new, much more promising partner in the UAE. Billions of dollars worth of contracts and memorandums have been signed and more talks are underway.


Qatar is home to many different nationalities, with Qataris themselves only representing a minority. This extreme demographic shift has been taking place for the last several decades, but has skyrocketed in the last 10 years.

According to the QSA Labour Force Survey for the third quarter of 2014, average monthly wage in Qatar was QR 10,761, up 10 percent from 2013.

Similarly to its neighbors in the GCC, Kuwait relies heavily on its imported workforce. While the percentage of expatriates is not as high as in Qatar...

From GDP per capita,life expectancy, diabetes prevalence to the number of Keralites in the Gulf, we bring you a set of 40 maps explaining the Gulf.

Bahrain a small island country situated near the western shores of the Persian Gulf. is home to over 1.3 million people. Most of whom are expats and just like its neighbors in the GCC, the high volume of expats compared to the local population presents some interesting problems.
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