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With issues like Brexit and the general downturn in European economies, investors from the...

Tourism in the GCC may not be your average traveller seeking leisure alone, with almost a third of tourists landing in the region easily classified as business tourists.

Total assets of GCC banks expanded 7.9 percent YoY to USD 1.2 trillion Q3,...

Purchasing a motor vehicle is a major investment, whether the cost is paid in...

Logistics is playing a key role in Qatar’s economic development.
Medical care

Qatar is splashing out huge amounts on medical facilities.

Some expatriate schools in Qatar families moving to the country could be interested in.

Qatar’s travel agencies ensure hassle-free trips.

India looks at cheaper alternatives to expensive Qatari LNG imports.

Qatar’s HSE centres prepare people and companies for worst-case scenarios.

GCC ports are ready to handle rising trade and larger vessels.
Gym gear

Judging by the continuing growth of exercise classes and health clubs, the business of fitness is booming.

A mere 1 percent of Qatar’s workforce in the private sector comprises nationals, a figure similar to the UAE, an indication that moves to bring nationals to the private sector and away from government jobs have had little result.

Giddam, Qatar’s first locally developed game, is marking its territory on the app stores on Android and iOS world over with more than 300,000 downloads.

Qatar to depend less on hydrocarbons for economic growth.

Qatar’s fledgling pharmaceutical and medical devices sector is all set to get a leg up with the gradual introduction of the National Health Insurance Scheme (Seha) and increased healthcare spending, according to an Oxford Business Group (OBG) report.

BMW Group delves deeply into ‘Efficient Dynamics’, as it continually increases its R&D investments to achieve its sustainability and other objectives.

Smart cities are the urban habitats of the future and as Qatar demonstrates, require advances in transportation, technology, infrastructure, sustainability and governance to improve the quality of urban life .

With a range of diverse and unique offerings from some of the major retail projects underway, Qatar’s retail sector can easily take a top spot in the regional retail scene.

The rent-a-car business keeps expanding in Qatar literally by leaps and bounds, aided by...


Qatar is home to many different nationalities, with Qataris themselves only representing a minority. This extreme demographic shift has been taking place for the last several decades, but has skyrocketed in the last 10 years.

According to the QSA Labour Force Survey for the third quarter of 2014, average monthly wage in Qatar was QR 10,761, up 10 percent from 2013.

Similarly to its neighbors in the GCC, Kuwait relies heavily on its imported workforce. While the percentage of expatriates is not as high as in Qatar...

From GDP per capita,life expectancy, diabetes prevalence to the number of Keralites in the Gulf, we bring you a set of 40 maps explaining the Gulf.

Bahrain a small island country situated near the western shores of the Persian Gulf. is home to over 1.3 million people. Most of whom are expats and just like its neighbors in the GCC, the high volume of expats compared to the local population presents some interesting problems.
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