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Chemical Industry

The GCC is emerging as global production hub with natural advantages of low cost feedstock. How can technology add value to these natural resources?

Dr Shiaka Aisha bint Salman Al Thani is the founder and principal counsellor of Yogasha Counselling and Yoga, based in Qatar. For around eight years, she lived in the UK, studying and developing her counselling skills, an experience which helped her expand and perfect her professional knowledge, both in theory and in practice.

Amal Aoud, a leading hair extension specialist with more than three decades’ experience, gets tremendous satisfaction from making women feel incredible. She achieves this by providing them with the most natural looking hair extensions available today. Amal is well known for her cutting-edge technique and her technological expertise has made herself, and her brand, a firm favourite in Lebanon and Qatar. She has a huge following on television – fans who are eager to discover the most up-to-date methods of hair extension, tips on hair care and the latest styling products feature on her show on Qatar TV.

Growing up in Australia, Lydia's fascination with photography began when she was given a camera by her parents. She was instantly fascinated with that little magic box; it was such fun to snap photos randomly, almost as if she was drawn towards her subjects by some unseen instinct.

Henna, the art of decorating women's bodies is deeply rooted in Middle Eastern and Asian cultural customs, particularly at religious ceremonies and wedding festivals. Dilshad Ridita, a Qatar based henna artist, who holds a deep passion for the art, shares her story on how she became involved with it.

On a busy road in Doha's Umm Ghuwailina, bq locates a small butcher shop. A middle aged man is busy inside, crafting his meat with expertise and great care, almost looking like a culinary artist at his best. He begins his story by saying: "My life has been full of struggle"...

It’s afternoon, and most of the shops’ shutters are closed at Souq Haraj. Shopkeepers are busy relaxing and preparing for their evening shift. The Souq is calm and comes to life only towards dusk, but bq catches a man sitting on his chair, unmindfully staring into something only he can see. He is apparently reminiscing about the sweet memories back home and slips into nostalgia as we probe further…

Saifur Rahman, who just turned 38, owns a 400 sq. feet grocery store, filled with goods crammed together and can accommodate few customers. However, he did manage to take some time out to tell bq his story.

It's another busy evening at the fish market on the Corniche and city dwellers are gathering to buy freshly caught seafood. There is a strong piercing smell of fish in the air and 31 year old vendor Dipok is being a busy-bee. Caught between dealing with customers and waiting for the next round of supply from the fishermen, manages to get him to share his story.

Sports is a fun and fascinating business. Al Tamimi’s new sports law practice is geared towards making sure it stays that way .

Iranian artist Parvaneh E`temadi displays her influences on her creative sleeve. With a career spanning over four decades, she continues to keep her artistic practice fresh while showcasing her work around the world. Her Works on Paper is currently showing at the Jamm Art Gallery in Dubai.


Qatar is home to many different nationalities, with Qataris themselves only representing a minority. This extreme demographic shift has been taking place for the last several decades, but has skyrocketed in the last 10 years.

According to the QSA Labour Force Survey for the third quarter of 2014, average monthly wage in Qatar was QR 10,761, up 10 percent from 2013.

Similarly to its neighbors in the GCC, Kuwait relies heavily on its imported workforce. While the percentage of expatriates is not as high as in Qatar...

From GDP per capita,life expectancy, diabetes prevalence to the number of Keralites in the Gulf, we bring you a set of 40 maps explaining the Gulf.

Bahrain a small island country situated near the western shores of the Persian Gulf. is home to over 1.3 million people. Most of whom are expats and just like its neighbors in the GCC, the high volume of expats compared to the local population presents some interesting problems.
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