Average salaries in Qatar’s construction sector


Average salary break-up for the sector in 2012 shows that managers were on average paid QR22,571 a month, while an ordinary worker just about QR1,633 – a difference of more than 13 times. Administrators ranked much below the managers in terms of payment as their salaries averaged a poor QR6,785. Engineers and technicians trailed closely with a monthly average of QR6,773, while supervisors’ pay package averaged QR4,054, with clerks following with an average monthly compensation of QR4,017.

Average salaries in Qatar's construction sector

The sector is the largest employer of foreign workforce in Qatar. The booming construction industry employed 478,988 people in 2012 and barely 962 of them, or less than a quarter of a percent, were locals. Most of them working proprietors with or without payment.

A worker in the Building Industry was on average paid QR32,511 a year, but his output was over four times that sum: QR 135,825. He added value to the sector on average worth QR60,212, official figures reflect.

It is interesting to note that out of 962 Qatari employees of the Building and Construction sector in the year under review (2012), only 25 were women. The Ministry of Development Planning and Statistics that gave the above figures said that 17 were working women proprietors with payment.

Expatriate women employees in the sector numbered 2,133, accounting for less than half a percent of total foreign workforce in the construction industry. Out of a total of 6,035 managers in construction companies, only 63, or slightly more than a percent, were women. However, there were slightly more female administrators, engineers, technicians, accountants and sales and purchase staff in the industry. Out of 8,700 administrators, 595 were women, and among 46,377 engineers, technicians, accountants and others, 800 were from the fairer sex.



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