Brazil’s poultry exports to region witness’s significant growth


Poultry exports to Middle Eastern countries reach $2.4bn in 2017

UAE – Brazil’s total poultry exports, including raw and processed items, rose by 5.7% from $6.848bn in 2016 to $7.236bn in 2017, according to the Brazilian Animal Protein Association (ABPA). Of this total, 33.51% corresponded to the Middle East which accounted for $2.4bn, up by 2.1%. Total export volume was at 4.32mn tonnes in 2017.


The biggest buyers of Brazilian poultry products in the Arab World were Saudi Arabia ($1bn), the UAE ($517mn), Iraq ($192mn) and Kuwait ($190mn). Oman and Jordan also imported poultry from Brazil. Among the key factors driving Brazil’s strong performance are the fact that the country is safe from avian flu, good diplomatic ties with the international markets, and the superior quality of its poultry products.

Dr. Michel Alaby, Secretary General and CEO of ABCC, said: “The latest figures released by the Brazilian Animal Protein Association reflect continued efforts by both parties to nurture trade relations between Brazil and the Middle East. The recent hike in Brazilian poultry exports to the region indicates growing demand for raw and processed poultry items from Brazil. I am confident that this trend will continue to rise, given the superior quality of our products and stronger ties between Brazil and the Arab World.”

In December 2017 alone, Brazil recorded $523.8mn worth of total poultry export revenue. Total shipped volume reached approximately 321,500 tonnes.



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