BUSINESS FRANCE promotes Near East & Middle East as ideal investment and expansion markets for French companies


Dubai – Business France, the national agency supporting international development of French economy led a forum in Paris, promoting highly successful and lucrative business opportunities into the Near and Middle East. Over 100 economic experts and French company leaders gathered and took part in the panel discussions and workshops,

France enjoys a strategic positioning in the Near and Middle East with over 37,000 businesses exporting into the region from the overall 125,000. The average annual growth in consumers in these markets range from 2.2% to 2.8%.

As an organisation that fosters export growth by French businesses, as well as promoting and facilitating international investment in France, Business France has been supporting countless French companies to set up in the region.

The panels discussion ranged from the following topics  which included exploring this region and understanding specific markets, how to implement and establish a company in these markets, opportunities generated by these markets despite low oil prices, challenges of healthcare sector, new technologies as key elements of the development strategy, issues and trends of agribusiness and how to finance projects in the region.

Marc Cagnard, Managing Director, Business France, Middle East said, “There are a variety of large scale business opportunities for French companies in the Near and Middle East, ranging from mega projects like the Smart City in Saudi Arabia to the preparations of the Expo 2020 in Dubai, football cup 2022 in Qatar, etc. The region also presents opportunities for entrepreneurs and is a flourishing environment for startups, this the reason why we wanted to launch a French Tech Hub in the Middle East. As Business France, we are dedicated to supporting French companies looking to establish in the region by providing them expertise and guidance on how to set up quickly and effectively. Our support will also extend in advisory for continued success of these companies post establishment.”

Franck Lesueur, CEO of Enekio, a French SME commented, “There are incredible challenges and opportunities because of the drop in oil prices. The 2030 visions of Gulf countries lead us to rethink our production sources and energy consumption habits. Enekio designs and develops innovative energy efficiency solutions that are fully integrated in these visions, notably for Expo 2020 in the United Arab Emirates and for the Neom project in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. ”

The other highlights of the forum included a session on opportunities and challenges of healthcare and agriculture industries in the Middle East. Expert analysis, business testimonials, and legal matters were also discussed in the panel sessions. The workshop ended with prospecting funding and advice as well as signing of an agreement between Business France and the Franco-Arab Chamber of Commerce represented by its director Vincent Reina.



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