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GCC Illustrated

Traffic accidents in Qatar have been responsible for 204 deaths in 2012. While the number of deaths went down from 230 in 2008, the total number of deceased and injured in road accidents has risen from 4,595 in 2008 to 6,011 in 2012.

In a fierce competition among commercial airlines around the world, “the big three” from the Gulf are determined to conquer the celestial world by providing ever better, above premium, products for their passengers. With recent Etihad’s launch of first class apartment in the sky - The Residence – the pressure on carriers from U.S. and Europe to match the stakes has never been greater.

The labor market in Qatar is dominated by expatriates. Statistics show that Qataris are increasingly targeting the public sector. While expatriates represent a whooping 99.2% of the private sector workforce.

The eyes are bigger than the stomach goes the adage, and it illustrates how society's wants often exceeds its needs. The proverb takes on new wisdom in light of the increased amounts of food waste being generated across the Middle East. And with the holy month of Ramadan upon us - a time when more food waste is produced than any other time in the year - concerns about the true economic cost are filling some people's plates.

In Qatar 175 households out of every 1000, boast millionaires. And general levels of wealth in the country are also impressive - robust wealth creation over the past years has led to a quantitative rise in millionaire households from 14.3% in 2012, to 17.5% in 2013. This rapid increase places Qatar first in the world in terms of millionaire households per 1,000.

While alcohol is legal in Qatar, it is discouraged and restricted by the government. According to a WHO report on alcohol preferences, spirits like Whisky, Vodka, Rum and the sorts are by far the most popular choice in Qatar.

Qatar is spending billions of dollars each year to import a number of goods from a variety of different countries. Analysis of Qatari import statistics over the last five years shows that the USA consistently ranks as the number one nation from which Qatar obtains goods.

Dubizzle, one of the most popular classifieds websites in the region, published some interesting data on user behaviour and preferences of visitors from Qatar. A set of infographics highlights most searched for car brands and types of jobs on offer among other things.

It's all about the perspective we choose to view the world from. Qatar can be the best, worst or simply somewhere in between. A country in perspective - simplified to visual impressions in the graphics below.

Qatar's construction sector, by far the single biggest employer in the country, had 477,142 people working in 2012, with 384,407 of those earning a measly average of QR 1,633 a month.

Today some 232 million people — 3 percent of the world's population — live outside their country of birth. The magnitude and complexity of international migration makes it an important force in development and a high-priority issue for both, the receivers and the senders. West Asia was the world's third biggest receiver of migrants in 2005-10, with the GCC countries in the lead.

Qatar is home to many different nationalities, with Qataris themselves only representing a minority. This extreme demographic shift has been taking place for the last several decades, but has skyrocketed in the last 10 years.

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