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This archive includes articles from our monthly B2B publication - bq magazine. Articles available for viewing for free are from older issues and are meant to showcase the kind of content our readers can look forward to, if they subscribe to the monthly magazine.

Communication is good. Questions are good - as long as you’re the one who answers them.

From delayed payments to recruitment woes, the contracting sector continues to face challenges amid a continuing construction boom – a report.

In 2014, USD 894 million was donated by GCC-based philanthropists to projects around the world.

The dairy food market, valued at USD 5.8 billion in 2012, is to grow at a CAGR of 8.39 percent until 2019.

The electrical grids in the GCC are past their half-lives, and it is time to develop strategies to improve both efficiency - loss reduction strategies and reliability -minimising loss times due to faults.

Stunning nature resources in Oman, archaeological sites in Bahrain, birdwatching in the UAE, pearl fishing in Qatar and the rich diversification of natural habitats and ecosystems of Saudi Arabia – ecotourism could be the next big thing in the region

Corporate social responsibility and sustainability are increasingly important in today's business world. Due to the growing awareness of environmental issues, many companies are increasingly...

The motorbike culture has grown significantly in Qatar; it is no longer rare to see a motorbike on the road like the case a decade ago. But how is the business doing? What are the growth percentages for dealers? Are there any gaps in the market?

India looks at cheaper alternatives to expensive Qatari LNG imports.

Qatar is splashing out huge amounts on medical facilities.

The hospitality sector in the GCC is forging ahead despite the recent collapse in international oil prices. Forthcoming events in both Qatar and the UAE aim to drive exponentially increased growth in the sector.

Why the region’s leading airlines – Emirates, Etihad Airways and Qatar Airways – should contest the claims made by the ‘big three’ US airlines on the Open Skies agreements.

With the successful conclusion of DJWE 2015 in a region with the most favourable retail luxury landscape, this year’s exhibition promises to shine brighter

Qatari businessmen recently met with the Prime Minister to put forward concerns and challenges faced by the private sector – a report.

Qatar’s top chefs talk share insights about cuisines in Qatar, kitchen disasters and what food means to them.

Purely Honey doesn’t just aspire to sell good quality honey, but also educate about its benefits.

Retirement schemes for expatriate workers as found in the West do not exist in the GCC. Instead, end of service benefits (ESB) are due to employees upon their leaving.

ISIS’ illegal oil market has attracted global attention although it is dwarfed in comparison to the world’s black-market oil capital – Nigeria.

Contemporary architecture in the country is satisfying the needs of the nation.

PPC studies and figures suggest that in 1990, in Qatar, per capita consumption of water was 182 cubic metres, which rose to 230 cubic metres in 2000 and to 400 cubic metres in 2012 – a report.


Qatar is home to many different nationalities, with Qataris themselves only representing a minority. This extreme demographic shift has been taking place for the last several decades, but has skyrocketed in the last 10 years.

According to the QSA Labour Force Survey for the third quarter of 2014, average monthly wage in Qatar was QR 10,761, up 10 percent from 2013.

Similarly to its neighbors in the GCC, Kuwait relies heavily on its imported workforce. While the percentage of expatriates is not as high as in Qatar...

From GDP per capita,life expectancy, diabetes prevalence to the number of Keralites in the Gulf, we bring you a set of 40 maps explaining the Gulf.

Bahrain a small island country situated near the western shores of the Persian Gulf. is home to over 1.3 million people. Most of whom are expats and just like its neighbors in the GCC, the high volume of expats compared to the local population presents some interesting problems.
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