UPDATED ON: 07.12.2014

Qatar’s population continues to swell with every passing year, having witnessed a massive increase of 9.5 percent compared to October 31, 2013 according to Qatar’s Ministry of Development Planning and Statistics.

The total population numbered 2,269,672 at last available count on 30 Nov, 2014 (not including people with resident permits and Qatari nationals that were outside the country at the time).

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Qatari nationals number only 278,000, representing a mere 12 percent of the total population in the country. Indians at 545,000 and Nepalese at 400,000 actually far surpass them. Qatar´s Ministry of Development Planning and Statistics offers a month to month update on the population numbers, however it does not provide a breakdown per nationality. The Ministry of Interior also does not provide these statistics to the public, it however does seem to make it available to the Embassies, as some of them have told bq magazine the figures were given to them by the aforementioned Ministry.

To overcome the hurdle of acquiring this information, bq magazine has used an alternative way to gather information on Qatar´s population by nationality.

All the data comes from the Embassies of respective countries – either by the information given to us directly by them via email or telephone, or alternatively by gathering the numbers from Ambassadors who have been quoted by various media disclosing the number of their nationals in Qatar. The vast majority of data is from 2014.

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