QFBA launches its Kawader programme for the fifth year in a row

Qatar Finance and Business Academy (QFBA), in cooperation with the Qatar Financial Centre (QFC) Authority and the country’s banking sector, is launching the new academic term of its Kawader programme for the fifth consecutive year.


It will conclude on 14 December. Dr Mohammed Abdulla Al Emadi, acting CEO, QFBA, said: “This edition comes in the context of continuing the remarkable success of the Kawader programme in its previous terms, with the launch of the new academic term in September, where a number of talented Qatari students will be enrolling to acquire the latest knowledge in the fields of finance and business.”

He added: “The investment in the younger generations comes within the framework of Qatar’s human capital development and its importance as a sustainable source of providing the finance and business sector with qualified professional talents capable of keeping up with the latest developments and practices in the world of modern economics, as well as dealing with the constantly evolving market requirements.”

Key sector

Yousuf Mohamed Al Jaida, CEO, QFC Authority, said: “The banking and financial services sector is one of Qatar’s key sectors that will continue to flourish, which is why it is crucial we have the right local talent to ensure the continuous growth of this sector.”

In its fifth edition, the ‘Kawader’ programme will feature 31 newly graduated Qatari students and talented young professionals who will undergo a three-month intensive training course designed to develop their skills, boost their experience and develop their personalities and professional capacities.