The event, hosted by QIB Group treasurer Hanna M Al Khoury was designed to increase awareness to SMEs on how to derive maximum benefits from their partner bank.

QIB offers a wide range of Shariah-compliant treasury products and services that can help small and large businesses to optimize the management of their savings and their cash flow as well as to address different types of business risks. With the support of QIB experts, businesses have access to competitive foreign exchange services whether for spot transactions, swaps, or forward options.

Competitive treasury products

QIB also offers competitive treasury products such as profit rate swaps and hedging solutions against fluctuations in financing costs or fixed income returns. Built around its customer-centric strategy, QIB conducts regular events connecting the bank with its customer base and the business community in Qatar.

Awareness sessions create an interactive platform, allowing QIB to inform its clients about new products and services as well as to gather useful insights enabling the bank to provide its customers with tailor-made solutions that fit needs and expectations.

“Sessions such as this one help us to connect with our customers and understand their business needs and future concerns,” stated Tarek Youssef Fawzi, general manager – wholesale banking group. “The SME sector will continue to play a vital role in diversifying and strengthening Qatar’s economy.”



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