UAE´s population – by nationality


Similarly to its neighbors in the GCC, UAE is relying heavily on foreign labor to keep its projects and economy running. Alongside Qatar, the country has the highest percentage of immigrants in relation to its own citizens, with the later amounting to about 10% of the total population.

>> KUWAIT <<

>> QATAR <<

It is important to note that the UAE National Bureau of Statistics does not publish demographic data broken down by nationality. Hence all the figures listed in the table below are estimates, however they are provided by the countries on the list – more specifically their respective Embassies in UAE.

Our decision to insist on Embassy data stems from the fact that we tried to attain as “official” information as possible and to create a common ground which equates all the sources. There are however exceptions, as in some cases it was not possible to acquire Embassy data due to us being unable to reach them, countries saying they are not allowed to share that data or in some cases simply not possessing it.

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