Employee performance in Middle East now measured with HR technology

An emerging trend in the MENA region according to Halogen Software, a strategic talent management software company, is how employee performance is managed and evaluated on an ongoing basis with the help of HR technology.


“HR technology places the power in the hands of managers and employees to treat performance management as a regular part of the business where feedback and coaching is ongoing and captured in real time” according to Donal Murphy, EMEA regional lead, Halogen Software.

He added: “Real-time functionality will be supplemented by HR technology that would provide HR managers and employees a unified view of all ongoing performance and development activities, while also proposing easier ways to review and revise goals.”HR manager

Too often performance management is seeing as a one-way street that usually culminates in an employee performance review.

But performance management systems are bigger than this singular purpose and can be used to achieve better outcomes and overall value from employees and managers by being a tool to improve coaching and feedback conversations.

“Companies in the MENA region must look for HR software designed to improve the performance of employees at every opportunity. With the help of HR technology, managing employee performance on an ongoing basis can be very simple,” said Murphy.

Needed resources

HR technology provides managers and employees the resources needed to better understand staff and tasks at hand and can assist in career development. “HR technology should enable employees to take charge of their career development and access learning content across multiple devices to feed growing need for skills development,” he said.

HR technologyWhen organisations invest in HR technology, they should invest in a solution that seamlessly supports multiple areas of the business. “There needs to be a common focus between HR and the business, one that drives better decisions and business outcomes as it relates to areas of talent management such as attracting, engaging and retaining top talent,” said Murphy.

Halogen Software is a Gold Sponsor at this year’s HR Tech MENA Summit be held in Dubai on 18-19 May, 2016.





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