Boecker partners with Al Rayyan Municipality to introduce best food safety practices


Doha – Boecker, the leading public health services company, along with Al Rayyan Municipality represented by the Municipal Control Department conducted an ‘Implementation of Food Safety Measures in restaurants and food companies- Induction to HACCP Training Workshop’ for professionals across Qatar’s F&B industry.

The one-day event was hosted at Al Rayyan Municipality Convention Theatre and focused on food safety hazards and understanding the principles of HACCP system. Municipal Control Department managers, restaurants and coffeeshops managers across Qatar came together to learn more about the latest technologies, innovations, protocols and techniques in food safety.

The training workshop offered attendees an induction to HACCP session, a globally recognised system that addresses food safety through identification, analysis and control of microbiological, chemical, physical and allergy-related hazards from raw material production, procurement and handling, to manufacturing, distribution and consumption of the end product.

During the workshop, Boecker trainer guided the group through latest food safety tools and their uses, hazards and challenges currently facing the industry, the legal requirements and principles of HACCP – as well as guidelines on how to prepare for its full implementation.

“Knowing how to properly handle, prepare and store food and in-depth knowledge of food safety is crucial for food businesses. Hazards should be controlled and critical control points should be monitored to prevent foodborne diseases that cause harm to public health,” said Carla Ghaleb, Country Manager, Boecker Qatar.

The event was attended by Majed Borhan Al Zaidan, Health Control Section Head of Al Rayyan Municipality who began his presentation by updating the attendees on the latest food safety policies and violations, and outlined penalties incurred for breaking the rules.

“We are committed to ensuring that all those who work in the F&B sector are fully educated on, and compliant with, highest standards of food safety and best practices as we strive to safeguard public health, and provide safe food for customers” he said.

He stressed that this event is only one of many initiatives that will be launched by the Municipality, given the importance of raising the level of health awareness across all who work in the food sector.



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