IRVING, Texas –ExxonMobil announced the completion of a transaction by ExxonMobil Development Africa B V to acquire a 25% indirect interest in Mozambique’s gas-rich Area...


2014 was a year of great change in the oil & gas sectors; dropping crude oil price combined with decreasing demand have made for a challenging period but also an interesting one with some positive developments.

After Nabucco and South Stream, here comes Turkish Stream. What are its implications for eastern producers?

India looks at cheaper alternatives to expensive Qatari LNG imports.

In its December report, titled Panorama MENA, the Compagnie Française d'Assurance pour le Commerce Extérieur (COFACE) took a closer look at hydrocarbon sector in the GCC and found its inherent risks mitigated so far.

The Barzan Gas Project aims to meet the demand for sales natural gas, its byproducts and more.

The Middle East continues to remain the global leader for oil and gas production.

As 50 percent of engineers are due to retire in the coming years, the drilling skills crisis intensifies.

The Russia – China gas deal could have an effect on Qatar’s pricing of LNG.

Although thousands of kilometres away, the violent clashes in Ukraine, making headlines the world over, may have an impact on the GCC especially in the field of energy.
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