Eco-friendly cars are rare on the roads of Doha or Dubai, but awareness of the importance of green living is rising.

India’s energy policy is expected to undergo a revamp under Narendra Modi, the Prime Minister-designate who will be sworn in on 26 May. Under the previous United Progressive Alliance (UPA) government, the country’s energy policy was chaotic at best.

We all know the uplifting feeling we get from the first rays of sunlight. But there may be a much more palpable effect of sun's energy than just a feeling. In fact, our cars could run on a liquid fuel made out of it.

The use of solar energy for heating and for generating electricity is not new. With efforts to find clean, renewable energy sources solar power is starting to make sense to even hydrocarbon-rich Qatar

The future of biofuels is all about algae. Now you can power your car by flushing your toilet,

One man's trash, another man's treasure. This certainly applies to technology that turns wastewater into fuel. And not just any old kind of fuel too. Clean, sustainable and green biofuel. The EU-backed All-gas project is aimed at just that - producing biofuel in a more sustainable way by cultivating fast-growing micro-algae.

Although the upcoming G8 summit in June is expected to prioritize trade, tax enforcement and other measures to encourage global economic growth, the leaders of the G8 nations are under increasing pressure to reconsider biofuel policy and include it into the summit agenda.
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