The Entertainment Industry in Qatar



Considering its relatively small size, Qatar is fortunate to have witnessed rapid growth within the entertainment industry over the past few years. And this expansion has occurred right across the board, for there are a number of segments within the media industry that now provide different forms of entertainment to consumers in Qatar. These segments include traditional print media, television, radio broadcasting, film entertainment, video games, and advertising. In this rapidly changing modern age of instant technology, demand for people’s attention comes from a variety of sources, but individuals in Qatar have many different preferences available to them in the field of entertainment.

Contrary to other Arab countries where film makers are finding it hard to receive funding, the Gulf’s film industry is developing.

The study suggests that, in Qatar, print media is the most used, popular and widely received medium by the public.  81% of Qatari residents read a newspaper in some form.  This sits in sharp contrast to the mere three in ten Qatari residents who watch state-run Qatar TV – surprising, when one considers that this television format is arguably more in line with Qatari cultural and community values.

Social networking sites have become hugely popular in recent years, encroaching on the monopoly of information and news delivered by other more traditional media channels. Social networking sites have become the primary sources of up-to-date news for many audiences , especially in real time, and in a more interactive fashion. This means that consumers no longer go along with loitering for the news about particular events to reach them by means of the printed press, often the following day. People in Qatar have become strong consumers of online news, with 29% of them watching online content provided from within the country. Consequently, governmental departments and various other organizations have turned to developing their own presence on social networking websites, in an effort to get in touch with a larger segment of society and broadcast their news in direct ways. And arguably, they edit, narrate and present information about their works, policies or views concerning certain incidents in a way designed to avoid undesirable reflections upon their reputation and image.

In the music world, 32 % of Qataris report that they listen to music for entertainment, and although Qataris are avid fans of movies, only 9% say that they watch films that are produced in Qatar. Most likely due to low production outputs.



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