INSEAD, Taqeem Initiative hold symposium on entrepreneurship

INSEAD, in partnership with the ILO’s Taqeem Initiative. hosted a symposium for senior stakeholders to discuss `what works’ when creating effective policies and programs in entrepreneurship.


MENA jobs

The MENA region has the highest unemployment rates globally. To address this challenge, all stakeholders need to work together to identify policies that are effective in fostering an enabling ecosystem for entrepreneurship and job creation.

The symposium targeted senior stakeholders from the government, private sector, supporting institutions and academia interested in promoting entrepreneurship for inclusive growth and decent job creation based on rigorous evidence.

Policies needed

Maria Guadalupe, academic director of the RCT Lab, said: “In the face of global instability and increasing inequality, the need to develop policies that promote entrepreneurship and decent job creation is ever increasing.”

She added: “I believe that rigorous testing of different policies is essential to determine the right direction for action and that finding this direction will involve the cooperation between policymakers, research institutions and also the private sector.”





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