The festival was launched by the Sheikh Thani bin Abdullah Foundation for Humanitarian Services (RAF), in partnership with Qatar National Convention Center and Qatar Chamber of Commerce and Industry. During the festival, NAMA Center was honored for its humanitarian work and contribution to supporting emerging projects.

Maryam bint Abdullatif Al Mannai, acting executive manager, NAMA Center, said: “Our participation in the ‘Bashair Al Rahmaa’ festival is part of our continuous efforts to meet the needs of entrepreneurs of emerging projects incubated by NAMA Center and provide them with all the support so that owners of these projects can carry out their activities without incurring any financial costs that may burden them or hinder them.”

She added: “Our main mission at the ‘Bashair Al Rahmaa’ exhibition is to enable our incubated projects that avail of the center’s services to gain experience in the local market and carry out their marketing activities in a way that enables us to monitor and evaluate their performance. This helps us identify points of strengths and shortcomings and provide the projects’ owners with appropriate advice.”

Product kiosks

As part of the exhibition, NAMA Center offers six kiosks for the projects’ owners to showcase, sell and market their products and interact with the public. Products offered include food, perfumes and incense, traditional clothing and woolen dolls.

‘Bashair Al Rahmaa’ is considered the ideal platform to support young entrepreneurs and ambitious Qatari youth. It raises awareness of entrepreneurship among youth and promotes the development of human capital, while at the same time leading to the diversification, prosperity and sustainability of the Qatari economy.



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