HBKU welcomes experts to discuss Qatar’s digital transformation


Doha – With the interest of advancing a tech-forward culture, Hamad Bin Khalifa University (HBKU) hosted Assistant Undersecretary for Digital Society Development Sector at the Ministry of Transport and Communications (MoTC) and an Advisory Council member, Reem Al Mansoori. Organised by HBKU’s College of Science and Engineering (CSE), her lecture, titled Qatar Towards a Smart Future, was attended by Education City’s students, staff, faculty, members of the business community, visitors from the public as well as distinguished guests from the ministry.

Describing innovation as a central pillar of the University’s foundation, Dr Mounir Hamdi, dean of CSE, also explained that students are set to benefit from local and international  experts’ advice and seminars as part of their education at HBKU. He said: “We are deeply honored by Ms. Reem Al Mansoori’s visit and talk. We are confident that her vast experience in leading programs that drive Qatar’s digital transformation towards a smart future was truly inspirational and educational to all of us.”

As Assistant Undersecretary for Digital Society Development Sector at the Ministry of Transport and Communications, Reem Al Mansoori heads two major departments: Digital Society and Digital Industry Development. As head of Digital Society, she supports Qatari society and businesses to gain the skills, knowledge and understanding they need to use information and communications technology effectively and safely in order to participate fully in building Qatar’s economy, as well as leading Smart Qatar “TASMU” a national program to digitally transform key five sectors in the State of Qatar to deliver economic diversification that promises to deliver impact to the daily life’s of citizens.

In her role as head of Digital Industry Development, Ms. Al Mansoori engages with Qatar’s national digital ecosystem and building a vibrant innovation sector to support a smart Qatar, enabling the technology sector to leverage local and global digital capabilities, and promoting key investment opportunities with innovation partners across the world to bring the best practices and ideas to Qatar.

HBKU is committed to advancing the strategic objectives of Qatar’s national strategies in education and research. Towards achieving these goals, HBKU frequently hosts local and international government dignitaries and entrepreneurs. To find out more about HBKU colleges, programs, research institutes, and events visit hbku.edu.qa.



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