Satisfaction with access to quality healthcare in the GCC


Healthcare satisfaction and access in the GCC

According to an Alpen Capital report, healthcare standards in the GCC are constantly improving, with the healthcare industry expected to continue its robust growth. By 2018 the total worth is expected to reach USD 69.4 billion, which means a 12% year on year growth from 2013, when the industry was worth USD 39.4 billion.

Healthcare facilities in Qatar have evolved and improved considerably. Qatar’s government is trying to minimize the treatment costs incurred by individuals, by implementing compulsory health insurance all-locals, expatriates and even tourists. The health insurance scheme will be fully implemented by 2015 and will be valid at any service provider in Qatar.

Qatar currently ranks top in terms of per capita healthcare expenditure within the GCC nations. The UAE has one of the fastest growing healthcare markets in the region, whilst Saudi Arabia is the forerunner in terms of healthcare infrastructure, though availability of doctors, nurses and hospital beds are not in line with its growing population. Oman has made tremendous progress in providing a comprehensive healthcare system, whereas Iran is also set to boost its healthcare market.



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