The Jaguar  F type …where the F is more of an expletive when you put pedal to the metal than what it actually stands for – freakishly fast, extremely responsive and clings to the road like the claws of a feline, rightfully jaguarish. At first glance this car exudes feline curves that would turn any head on a road trip.

Svelte and serene but with a sense of unpredictability that comes with a gaucho taming a new stallion. The F type R is the fastest sports car from the Jaguar stables – it takes you from 0 to 100 in a mind boggling 4.2 seconds – that nearly puts it in the supercar league sans the price tag.

The slick contours on this Jaguar gives the F type supreme aerodynamics and high performance, essentially due to the lightweight aluminium body constructed with a new AC600 alloy that couples quality of finish with robustness; except for the boot lid and tailgate, all exterior panels are of this new alloy. A prime requisite in sports cars is minimal weight and even distribution of it, with a low centre of gravity. The F type has these features and this gives it impeccable road handling ability.

Just like the exterior, the interior immediately connects with the driver, packed with bespoke features like the sports performance seat, premium leather interior with twin needle stitching, panoramic roof that sets in more light and gives a sense of spaciousness you don’t really feel in other sports cars.

Jaguar at airport

The R theme’s interior gives it a unique persona, with R embossed headrests, dark  technical weave aluminium on the centre console and R flat-bottomed sports steering wheel with Ignis paddles.

A distinctive switch to my right just near the gearbox, beckons for a touch – the dynamic mode button. Press that and the car transforms into a roaring beast, with a sharpened louder throttle response, increases steering weighting and gear shifts quicker at higher engine speeds. All of this clearly mapped out on the 8-inch touch-screen infotainment system, thanks to the ‘Configurable Dynamics’ system standard on the F type R.

A handy feature is the blind sport monitor, that helps to alert the driver, when changing lanes. Helps when you want to change lanes quicker than you can tilt your head.

Driving on the highway to Shamal, as soon as you accelerate  you get to see the rear spoiler on your rearview mirror that pops up behind to reduce lift by up to 120kgs. Even the door handles retract to give an unhindered airflow along the flanks. With many a traffic jam on the already congested highway, the 380mm (in diametre) ventilated brake discs came into play, and performed remarkably well.

Jaguar in desert

It handled very well on the curb thanks to its electronic active differential, which works coherently with the ABS system and traction, in stabilizing the car.

Easing through traffic , occasionally changing to dynamic mode, you can notice the quickness in response. Another feature noticed was the  ease with which it overcame speed humps, not common among sports cars of its ilk. However, the sound system could take some revving but then again, a sports car isn’t known for its sound system.

A great ride, but in only on cooler days as the pano room will certainly not take the heat coming its way, no matter how good the air-conditioning system is.



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