QU awards GWC for its corporate social responsibility initiatives

Logistics provider GWC was recognized for its continuing efforts in serving the local community during the launch ceremony of the fifth edition of the National Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Report, held during Qatar University’s (QU) CSR Exhibition and Conference.


The Qatar CSR Report monitors and evaluates the progress made each year in the area of sustainable development in society, with a particular focus on CSR and contributions to Qatar National Vision 2030. A CSR award ceremony honoring those who have made significant contributions to these causes was held during the conference, attended by dignitaries, industry experts, and ambassadors.

GWC senior corporate communications manager Mohammad Daoud received the CSR Leadership award on behalf of the company from QU president Dr Hassan Al Derham. “GWC understands that part of achieving its purpose in supporting Qatar National Vision 2030 is attending to the aims of its social pillars.”

He added: “We have therefore participated in a variety of initiatives to ensure the development of a just and caring society based on high moral standards.”

Nationalistic orientation

“GWC’s strong nationalistic orientation coheres strongly to the societal ideals put forth in the National Vision and finds expression in the varied initiatives it supports towards cultivating the spirit of service to community that it promotes both within and outside the company,” stated GWC chairman Sheikh Abdullah bin Fahad Al Thani.



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