The revolutionary construction project-tracking and project-collaboration software helps construction professionals track projects, prepare for bids and collaborate through a smartphone application, all while on the move.

The AIR App captures the big data and analyzes them to offer a clear picture of each construction sector. The subscription-based smartphone application enables consultants, engineers, construction professionals, contractors, sub-contractors and suppliers to monitor current and future tenders and new projects and helps increase sales with a stream of project leads.

Analytics, interact and research

AIR stands for analytics, interact and research. The analytics section provides construction reports. Interact is a sales management software and the research module provides construction project data and associated company details.

“The AIR App is a game changer as it provides unprecedented efficiency and transparency within the construction industry. It puts the power of an entire sales office in the palm of your hand,” Avin Gidwani, CEO, BNC Network, said.

The AIR App makes life infinitely easier for sales professionals by providing construction intelligence anywhere on the go. They can generate leads, track projects and even share project specific interactions with each other through the AIR App, he added.



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