Ashghal starts Phase 1 of roads and infrastructure works in Al Shamal

Qatar’s Public Works Authority (Ashghal) has started implementing Phase 1 of roads and infrastructure works in Al Shamal.


As part of the project, there will be a wide range of rehabilitation works for existing local roads to transform them to developed roads that can cope with the population growth in Al Shamal. The project includes building developed roads and a new sewage network needed in the area to serve about 3,600 business and residential buildings.

Works include providing roads connected to all houses in the area and upgrading existing roads, in addition to building roads that lead to all land plots that are not built yet. As part of the project, 40 km of new internal roads will be built and 80 km of existing roads rehabilitated, increasing their capacity. Works will also include installation of three traffic signals and 4,500 lighting poles and the construction of 12 intersections.

Sidewalks and car parks

Construction works include 28 km of sidewalks and car parks, while 1,000 signboards will be installed in the area, enhancing road users’ and pedestrians’ safety. Ashghal said safety barriers would be put up to separate residential and work areas. Dust and noise control works will also take place.



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