Doha – Following the huge success of first phase of the Al Furjan Markets, Qatar Development Bank (QDB) announced the beginning of construction works...


As infrastructure and real estate investments surge in the Gulf, the facilities management (FM) industry is growing with them. Although end users typically see the cost of FM as a necessary evil, awareness of its contribution to lasting property value and a healthy living environment is rising and the industry’s contract values are expected to rise to USD 66 bn by 2020.

Railways will play an essential role in supporting the growth of the GCC economies.

State-of-the-art technologies and sustainable practices can save the GCC from thirst.

As the contracting sector becomes an increasingly important customer segment to banking in Qatar, are retail banking consumers slowly losing their significance?

Qatar’s Civil Defence Department overhauls its safety codes and regulations to keep the public safe.

According to National Association of Corrosion Contractors (NACE), the annual cost of corrosion worldwide is USD 1.8 trillion, over 3% of the world’s GDP. And this is only the direct cost of corrosion, essentially materials, equipment and services involved with repair, maintenance and replacement, not counting the trillions hidden in environmental damage, waste of resources, loss of production or personal injury resulting from corrosion. Corrosion analysts have concluded that 20 to 25% of that annual cost can be saved by applying corrosion control technologies at a saving of USD 325 to 360 billion. Consequently, fighting corrosion is a real and very large market that has been a focus of manufacturers since steel galvanizing was popularized almost 200 years ago.

Kahramaa is ready to meet the demands of Qatar’s growing population and infrastructure projects.

As Qatar's capital, Doha, is becoming increasingly congested due to trememdous population and traffic growth, authorities see the creation of commercial streets as the solution to the urban sprawl. Several projects are now underway or in the offing to tackle the problem.

Qatar’s Al Furjan Markets project has been launched by the Ministry of Economy and Commerce. The markets would make it easier for those living in distant areas to purchase essential goods and services.
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