Qatar University launches underwater version of `Tamim Al Majd’ billboard

The Aquatic Centre at Qatar University (QU) sports activities department launched an underwater version of the iconic `Tamim Al Majd’ billboard.


The new billboard was established in the swimming pool at QU Male Water Sports Complex, in collaboration with QU Diving Club, Aspire Academy, Civil Defence, Coast and Borders Security Department, Elite Dive Academy, Freediving Association, Hamad Aquatic Centre, Internal Security Force (Lekhwiya) and Poseidon Dive Centre.

QU members will be able to access the underwater `Tamim Al Majd’ billboard until 13 August.  Professional divers will be on hand to assist them.

Social responsibility

QU vice-president for student affairs Dr Khalid Al Khanji said: “This initiative reflects our role and social responsibility as a national university that actively interacts with the current circumstances. This new billboard will provide QU members with the opportunity to express their appreciation and loyalty to Qatar. It also reflects the country’s social solidity and unity during the current situation.”

Manager of sports and recreation activities Asmaa Al Naemi said: “We came up with the idea of launching an underwater ‘Tamim Al Majd’ billboard to voice our belonging and support to H H the Emir and to Qatar. All QU members are encouraged to express their sincere appreciation and gratitude to our generous country.”