Purchasing a motor vehicle is a major investment, whether the cost is paid in full or through installmen plans. Many buyers feel that once...

The textile industry is growing fast in the Gulf where some countries are emerging as textile manufacturing and trading centres.

Retailers are now turning blogging into a lucrative business opportunity in the GCC.

What customers need to know in the aftermath of the scandal of closed car dealerships – a report.

Industry insights show the average spend on cosmetics and fragrances in the GCC is around USD 334 per person.

Hotels in the GCC are adding another layer of retail to make the overall experience for the customer unique and more engaging.

Fingerprint, face, voice, vein, IRIS, hand/palm-print, keystroke dynamics, DNA, GAIT and multimodal biometrics have well crossed the line between science fiction and our everyday reality. Biometric authentication’s future looks bright, and so does biometrics market’s.

Children-related market sector in the GCC has shown remarkable results in the past years. GCC is certainly a promised land for toy retailers due to high incomes, high birth rates, large juvenile population and a clear appetite for known brands.

The beauty of displays and the art of attracting customers through mere visual appeal dates back to the 18th century. But, how advanced is visual merchandising in the GCC?
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