Qatar Duty Free announces the opening of its third gold store at HIA

Qatar Duty Free (QDF) has announced the opening of its third gold store at Hamad International Airport (HIA).


The new store is HIA’s most exciting and luxurious yet, showcasing more than 15,000 pieces of exquisite traditional and modern jewellery made from the finest gold and diamonds.  Passengers will be treated to a wide variety of gold and diamonds – with pieces ranging from 9 ct to 24 ct in yellow gold, white gold, diamond and precious stone-studded jewellery.

In addition to ready-made jewellery pieces, the store also sells single gemstones and loose diamonds, offering a range of options for passengers to choose from.  The new branch, which has been designed in the shape of the figure `8’ by a local architect, is the biggest of all three at HIA, covering a retail space of 119 sq. metres.


It is located in the Grand Hall, behind the iconic Urs Fischer Lamp Bear, making it easily visible and accessible to all passengers travelling through the airport. As part of QDF’s customer service, expert bilingual staff will be on hand 24 hours a day, seven days a week at the store, to offer bespoke services to passengers wishing to purchase a piece of this fine jewellery.

QDF senior vice-president Luis Gasset said: “The new store, the biggest of all three, not only gives passengers more choice, but its increased presence in the airport makes it easier than ever to access one of our stores to buy something to remember.”