Nakilat reports net profit of QR847mn in 2017 Doha – Nakilat held its annual general meeting (AGM) chaired by Ahmad Saif Al Sulaiti, Vice Chairman...


With the recent crackdowns on car dealerships, are non-agents a better choice for vehicle purchases?- A Report.

The motorbike culture has grown significantly in Qatar; it is no longer rare to see a motorbike on the road like the case a decade ago. But how is the business doing? What are the growth percentages for dealers? Are there any gaps in the market?

Modern tramways are becoming a successful modus operandi for cities to address increasing mobility needs and providing viable transportation solutions.

Risky driving behavior, including speeding, lane swerving, stunt driving, tailgating, texting while driving and red-light running, coupled with a poor overall condition of vehicles are the drivers behind the high number of road fatalities in the GCC. Over recent years, many GCC countries have implemented road safety strategies that combine enforcement measures, engineering, and education and legislation measures to target road safety challenges.

The GCC region is in love with powerful, gasoline-driven cars; thanks to the ultra-low, subsidized petrol prices. GCC has one of the world’s highest ratios of cars to households, and demand for ultra-luxury cars increased significantly, pushing sales of high-end brands in 2013 up by more than 40 percent. Eco-friendly cars are rare on the roads of Doha or Dubai, but awareness of importance of “green living” is rising.

The rent-a-car business keeps expanding in Qatar literally by leaps and bounds, aided by a continuing economic boom, but people are increasingly complaining that...

While contracted Metro construction costs in Qatar appear relatively low at the moment, the project is subject to the risk of cost overruns, the IMF has warned in a report.

The Top 10 global natural gas exporters.

As Qatar’s ambitious rail project moves full steam ahead, Doha’s population can rejoice and look forward to long their commutes being halved.
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