Intertek awards Arabia Holdings ISO 39001:2012 certification

Intertek, a leading total quality assurance provider to industries worldwide, has awarded Arabia Holdings the ISO 39001:2012 certification in recognition of the organisation’s Road Traffic Safety (RTS) Management System.


This certification is applicable to Arabia Holdings’ associated businesses. Intertek’s audit team awarded the company its certification after completing an independent assessment of its safety measures relevant to automotive safety, from speed and vehicle condition to driver awareness.

The RTS Management System has been developed and implemented by Trans Middle East Management Consultancy (TMMC), an Arabia Holdings Group Company.

The ISO 39001:2012 certification, accredited by ACCREDIA – ITALY, specifies requirements for an RTS management system which enables an organization to interact with the road traffic system, allowing for the implementation of appropriate policies, objectives and action plans within its operations.

Systematic approach

It creates a systematic process approach whose aim it is to create safer roads, reduce and ultimately eliminate road traffic accidents. This standard is an effective tool for companies to reduce insurance and operational costs, as well as strengthen public safety.

Xavier Héry, regional managing director of Middle East & Pakistan for Intertek, said: “The ISO 39001:2012 Road Traffic Safety Management System certification is a major milestone for Arabia Holdings Group. It has implemented effective custom solutions to overcome the challenges of a secure RTS system, which was independently assessed by a team of experts from Intertek.”

P S M  Habibulla, vice-chairman and managing director, Arabia Holdings Group, said: “Adopting international best practices across our taxi, bus and limousine operations to better serve public commuters is an integral part of our business. This certification is a testimony of our continuous effort and commitment to public safety and the safety of our employees involved in driving activities.”




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