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by Rohan Soman – July

Qatar’s Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs recently released figures which suggested that worker remittances totalled a record USD 12 billion in 2014. No breakup was given by the Ministry but foreign exchange market sources told BQ magazine money transfers made by Nepali workers may have been between USD 1 and 2 billion out a total of USD 12 billion last year.

According to Nepal embassy sources, there are an estimated 400,000 Nepalis working in Qatar and an equal number may be based in Malaysia – the two countries with the largest number of Nepali migrant workers.

Their numbers have lately been increasing in South Korea as well…

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Brands and companies are gradually getting their heads around the opportunities presented by online and digital advertising in the region.

The electrical grids in the GCC are past their half-lives, and it is time to develop strategies to improve both efficiency - loss reduction strategies and reliability -minimising loss times due to faults.

Some expatriate schools in Qatar families moving to the country could be interested in.

Despite low interest rates, deposits show substantial growth – a report.

As the number of foreign workers increases in the country, Qatar sets up stricter labour policies and guidelines.

A young man shares his passion in the Dhow cruise business.

TAG is an interview series in which entrepreneurs and professionals speak to BQ magazine about working and running a business in Qatar. Each interviewee tags a person they would like to be interviewed. Maryam Al Subaiey, last month, recommended Hind Gharib, founder of Cheese Market, the first of its kind in Qatar.

Signs of the Gulf region bracing for life without oil windfall are evident in the stuttering IPO activities.

Qatar reiterates its stance as an exciting destination at the recent Arabian Travel Market 2015.

Although statistical data varies considerably, it is clear the problem of counterfeit drugs is becoming a global issue, with sales volumes in some countries reaching unbelievable heights. The Arab region is no exception.

Retailers are now turning blogging into a lucrative business opportunity in the GCC.

World Bank report titled ‘Trust, Voice and Incentives’, released in April, found the delivery of essential public services in the countries of the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) “is failing to meet the needs of citizens and continues to be a source of widespread dissatisfaction.” But not so in the GCC.

Boston Consulting Group (BCG), a global business consulting firm, recently published a study titled ‘Motivation and Perseverance: The Missing Link to GCC Knowledge Economies’....

A view of Qatar’s place in the global movement of social design.

The GCC interior contracting and fit-out sector is set to grow to almost USD 8 billion in 2015.

The internet has become a crucial factor in the rapid rise of the Qatar’s economic growth, and cyber-security incidents are, inevitably, on the rise.

In a nation that holds a host of investment possibilities, exchange-traded funds will also be a good bet.

Why are prices of European goods high in Qatar despite falling euro rates?

After a period of strained relations, the US-GCC summit in Washington and Camp David, held in May, was to be an opportunity to set a new course in their relations. Only time will tell, however, whether the summit made a breakthrough in warming up relations among old allies. American President Obama tried to reassure his Gulf partners a future nuclear agreement with Iran would not be reached at their expense, offering them an “ironclad” security pledge. But behind the warm words, there remains deep unease.

Cats, dogs and fish, but also monkeys, cheetahs and tigers. In Qatar, like all over the GCC, the interest in pets of all kinds and species has been steadily growing. Animals are increasingly considered members of the family and this humanisation trend is driving the pet food market which has seen a double digit growth in past years and is expected to grow at CAGR of 5.6 percent.

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