NAMA Center launches ‘Moqbeleen’ campaign for second consecutive year


Doha – The ‘Moqbeleen’ awareness campaign, sponsored by the Social Development Centre – NAMA, a centre under the Qatar Foundation for Social Welfare, was launched in the last week of January 2018 for the second year. This campaign targets the young generation, the beating heart of the Qatari community. ‘Moqbeleen’ is an oriented awareness and cultural campaign that builds on informing and exposing NAMA’s projects, programmes and services, raising awareness of the importance of educational attainment, seizing the right opportunities, and channeling the specialised platforms in all schools, universities, youth forums, youth academies and all civil society organisations. Through this campaign, the centre seeks to attract and train active youth.

Maryam bint Abdullatif Al Mannai, Acting Executive Director of NAMA, highlighted the comprehensive nature of NAMA’s projects, as they respond to the aspirations of the Qatari youth through multiple programmes. She added that she and NAMA directors were always keen on promoting the concept of sustainability in education, awareness and social development, investing in human capital and the young and promising generations, and creating a conscious generation and hence a society that is keen to define its priorities properly.

The campaign approaches youth in their own communities, where the campaigners go on field trips to all of the targeted youth groups to inform them about NAMA’s activities and services, explain avenues of co-operation, and provide them with data on how to join and benefit from all of NAMA’s projects, courses, and workshops. Moreover, they present ideas and discuss them with the youth, and provide answers and solutions to all their queries and concerns.

The campaign kicked off at the “Simaisma Girls Forum”, which was an opportunity to meet with the young girls who welcomed the new projects after learning about NAMA’s goals, activities, and services. Positive spirit and enthusiasm were prevailed in the visit, where interesting discussions were held with young ladies. A presentation about NAMA projects was then given by the campaign leader where leaflets were distributed, gifts were presented, and souvenir photos were taken. Through these visits, the centre seeks to attract youth, activate their training and education, and prepare them to participate in future campaign projects.

The following week, ambassadors of the campaign visited Hamad Bin Khalifa Medical City in co-operation with the Carrier Services and Recruitment Departments. The visit included scheduled sessions with the targeted group of high school and university students. The campaigners praised social work, as a means of realizing sustainable social development, noting that social work involves the fundamental values of a co-operative individual, who has a sense of belonging to society, and is ready to work for social welfare that would take him away from pursuing only his own interests and thrust into the broader social and humanitarian spheres. These two visits were followed by many field visits to community societies and educational institutions, and it will continue until the month of May.

From his side, Abdul Rahman Al Sayed, Head of Programmes of Community Outreach at NAMA, stressed that rapid social, economic and developmental progress create new conditions and circumstances that call for the collective efforts of all components of the society. Therefore, NAMA is keen to highlight the importance of an efficient and effective community awareness plan about proactivity of social work. The centre introduces programmes aimed at target groups in the different fields of training, entrepreneurship development, and social entrepreneurship. It also develops the capacities of youth and introduces scholarships and university programmes to students.




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