Qatar Islamic Bank team visits Ahmad bin Hanbal Independent Boys School

A delegation from Qatar Islamic Bank (QIB) visited Ahmad bin Hanbal Independent Boys School to deliver an educational lecture about the banking and finance industry in Qatar.



The visit is part of the financial literacy program which is specifically focused on cultivating basic financial knowledge to high school students in Qatar.

The visit’s objective was to create awareness among students on the important role of banks in everyday life. It was been organized as part of QIB’s social responsibility program where the bank is engaging with the local community and collaborating with society’s institutions to support different social activities.

Banking history

QIB Group CEO Bassel Gamal gave a brief overview of the history of banks around the world and the increasingly important role of banks in the daily life of individuals and businesses as well as for any country’s economic development and growth.

The banking sector’s contribution to Qatar National Vision 2030 was discussed with examples to help students understand how banks provide products and services that help people to improve their lives and fuel economic growth for the country as a whole.

He discussed the difference between conventional banking and Islamic banking, highlighting the specific nature and mechanisms of Islamic banking and how Islamic banks have developed innovative Shariah-compliant banking solutions to cover financial needs of  individuals, government institutions, large corporations and startups.




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