Qatar’s population registers a rise of 7.7% in March; 3.3% increase in CPI

The Ministry of Development Planning and Statistics in the 27th edition of its monthly statistics has shown Qatar’s population reached 2.53 million in March 2016, an annual increase of 7.7 percent as from 2.35 million in March 2015.There were 1,918 births during March 2016 and 199 deaths during the same period.


The Consumer Price Index (CPI) showed an increase of 3.3 percent compared with March last year.

This price surge is primarily due to the increasing prices seen in eight groups, namely: `Recreation and Culture’ by 11.2 percent, `Education’ by 7.1 percent, `Housing, Water, Electricity and Gas’ by 5.4 percent, `Furniture and Household Equipment’ and `Transport’ by 1.5 percent each, `Miscellaneous Goods and Services’ by 1.4 percent, `Restaurants and Hotels’ by 1.1 percent and `Communication’ by 0.2 percent. Vehicles

The number of vehicles registered in March 2016 was 9,419 compared to 8,259 during February 2015, with a monthly increase amounting to 14 percent. Traffic violations amounted to 126,948 in March 2016, with a monthly decrease amounting to 10.6 percent compared to February 2016, according to the ministry.

Money supply

Total broad money supply (M2) recorded about QR 506 billion during March 2016, showing a monthly increase of 0.23 percent compared to February 2015. Similarly, cash equivalents, which include deposits, increased 3.5 percent during March 2016 in comparison with February 2016, as it recorded about QR 662 bn.

In contrast, M2 recorded a negative year-on-year change of 0.52 percent, while cash equivalents, including deposits, recorded a positive year-on-year change of 6.5 percent.




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