Qatar’s population rises 8% to reach 2.21 million


The figure excluded nationals and expatriates (with valid residency permits) who were out of the country on 31 October, as per census norms. With the country in the throes of expansion due to the major infrastructure projects underway such as construction of stadiums for the FIFA 2022 World Cup, Doha Metro, the New Doha Port as well as massive work on roads and highways, there has been a huge influx of workers from overseas. This year alone, 170,000 people arrived in Qatar, causing the population to reach the all-time high figure.

This figure is naturally expected to increase down the road as more infrastructure projects are announced and job opportunities open up in sectors like retail and hospitality, as the country makes the shift from dependence on hydrocarbons.

Gender ratio

According to statistics, the country’s population now comprises 1.65 million men and 561,780 women, a skewed gender ratio. The monthly average of arrivals in the country was 17,000, a figure which includes visitors and businessmen.

The Ministry of Development Planning and Statistics said on 31 December last year, the country’s population was slightly above two million. In a month since last September, more than 29,000 people entered the country. Qatar’s population has nearly trebled in the last 10 years from 744,000 in 2004, of whom 496,300 were men and 247,600 women. The vast majority of the population comes from abroad, with the nationals only amounting to 12% of the total.

Source: The Peninsula



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