QIBIC conference to enhance long-standing ties between friends


Doha – Government Ministers, officials, dignitaries and business leaders will convene in Qatar next month for a new, ground-breaking, Qatar India Business and Investment Conference (QIBIC), a platform that will explore further cooperation across the business landscape between the two countries, in line with Qatar’s national goals to diversify its economy.

The first-of-its-kind conference, which will run from April 16-17 at the City Center Rotana Doha Hotel, will provide a carefully-crafted forum that includes the who’s who of business leaders, to explore opportunities and discuss ways to enhance deep-rooted and multi-faceted Qatar-India relationship, which has contributed significantly towards the growth and development of Qatar over the years.

With Qatar’s private sector developing rapidly, the forum will help assess investment opportunities in the Qatari and Indian economy.  Organised by Indian Business & Professionals Council (IBPC), Qatar, and Reach Events, in collaboration with Indian embassy in Qatar, the QIBIC conference will examine in detail business ecosystem in India and Qatar and will recommend measures for enhancing coordination between the two to achieve more effective results in the future.

  1. Kumaran, Ambassador of India to Qatar, said: “India has a long history of friendship, collaboration and trade with Qatar and looks forward to an enhanced forward-looking partnership in the coming years, to help realise the objectives of Qatar National Vision 2030. The Qatar government has welcomed Indian businesses, professionals and workers with open arms over the years, helping develop a deep bond between our two peoples. QIBIC offers a perfect platform for a number of Indian entities here to highlight their successes in Qatar and also promote new opportunities available in both countries, to take the well-established economic relationship to the next level.”

IBPC, which has operated in Doha since 1999, is anchoring this event as part of its mission to promote trade and commerce and to enhance bilateral investment.

President of IBPC, K M Varghese mentioned that QIBIC will “set foundation for a higher engagement between the Qatari and Indian business community”.

QIBIC conference will focus on topics such as private sector opportunities in hospitality & tourism, industrial sector, infrastructure, investment and finances, services sector, and technology. The SME and entrepreneurship landscape in India and Qatar will be explored, and there will be further sessions focusing on agriculture trends, strategies, and long-term plans.

QIBIC will take place from April 16-17 at City Center Rotana Doha, with doors open for registration at 8am on April 16. For more information or for registration in advance, please email connect@reachqa.com .



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