QU health engages health care students and faculty on interprofessional education


Doha – Over 170 students and 20 faculty from Qatar University (QU) colleges of Health Sciences (CHS), Medicine (CMED) and Pharmacy (CPH) participated in the inter-professional education (IPE) activities organised by QU Health IPE Committee (IPEC).

Students working in teams at the IPE event.

The events featured a lecture on concepts of IPE and its importance within a health care team by CPH Assistant Dean for Student Affairs and QU Health IPEC Chair Dr Alla El Awaisi. It also included an icebreaker game during which students introduced themselves and competed against other teams in trying to identify highest number of health care professionals, as well as a case-based discussion led by Dima Arafa, Teaching Assistant at CHS Department of Public Health. The discussion focused on a 52-year-old Qatari man with an 8-year history of hypertension and lactose intolerance. The students identified which professionals would best meet the needs of this patient, what they will do and how will these professions work together. They also discussed the importance of collaboration between various health care professionals to address patient health needs during the blockade.

CHS Dean and Biomedical Research Center Director Prof Asma Al Thani said: “The purpose of health care education is to prepare students to become professionals who can deliver high-quality care in Qatar. Learning in IPE context is an important element of preparation for working in multi-professional teams.

CPH Dean Dr Mohammad Diab said: “Developing an inter-professional culture from early on in health care student learning experience is vital to graduate collaborative practice ready graduates who will be future health care providers in Qatar.”

Dr Alla El-Awaisi said: “This was an important activity to mark launching of inter-professional education into all QU Health first-year health care programmes. QU Health is committed to integrating IPE experiences into different health care curricula with a vision to be regionally recognised for excellence in inter-professional health education. IPE is not simply bringing students from different health care professions together but is an opportunity for health care students to learn with, from and about each other to prepare them for their future dealings with others once they graduate with an ultimate goal of enhancing patient care in Qatar.

First-year medical student Talal Alyafei said: “IPE activity was a great experience, because I learned that teamwork with different health care students is the best way to solve any case by sharing our perspectives and working inter-professionally to provide optimal patient care.”



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