Real estate thought leaders discuss industry standards


CEOs agree that sharing data leads to better outcomes for property transactions and that greater transparency in the market improves working environment for everyone

Doha It is not every day that one gets to sit right next to one’s competitor, but according to Doha-based real estate leaders, that is just what the market needs. recently hosted an interactive session with a select group of the leaders of major real estate brokerages in Qatar. On the agenda was discussing a guiding set of best practices for the real estate industry.

“Transparency is key in this market to create investor confidence and it is something we should all strive to create when dealing with the government, agencies and brokers,” said Adrian Camps, Country Director of Colliers International Qatar, who attended the session. “In becoming a mature market, we need to exchange accurate transactional information securely, by working with other top companies, the government and institutions.”
Over the past year, has delivered over half a million leads to its clients, and has grown its client base by 44 per cent. It is currently working to share its market insights with its client base.

Sam Youssef, Managing Partner of Better Homes who also attended said, “Data is essentially the best way to gauge the market, and moulds the way we create strategies for our businesses. However, for that to be successful, transparency is key, and the information provided needs to be as accurate as possible.”

To that end, is working on compiling the first edition of Propertyfinder Trends for its Qatar market, which will report price trends, consumer search patterns, and in-demand areas, among other key insights.

This initiative is championed by the company’s clients.

It would be very interesting to see how the consumer behaves online, and be able to view how specific demographics spend time on the site, which will help us better understand how to best serve our valued clients,” said Jeffrey Asselstine, Managing Director of Nelson Park Property.

“Our business philosophy is a simple one: Propertyfinder is looking for a life-long relationship with our clients, and we get that by ensuring that there is a mutual benefit from our partnership,” said Paul Stewart-Smith, Chief Operating Officer of Propertyfinder Group.

The CEO Breakfast provided a solid opportunity in service of that philosophy. Another similar event is scheduled for April to continue the conversation.



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