According to a new poll by, the region’s leading job site, entitled “Workplace Satisfaction in the Middle East and North Africa”, 86.7% of MENA respondents claim that they are “satisfied with how enjoyable it is to go to work every morning”, with 67.6% being ”completely satisfied” and 19.1% being “somewhat satisfied”. Moreover, more than three quarters of respondents (79.2%) are satisfied with the recognition they receive at work for their accomplishments.

Job and Career Satisfaction

44.1% of respondents believe that they are “completely satisfied” with the type of work they do, while more than a quarter (28.5%) claim that they are “somewhat satisfied”. Conversely, only 14.1% state that they are “completely dissatisfied” with the type of work they are doing.

A little over half of respondents are satisfied when it comes to the salary they receive (52.4%). Of those, 15.1% are “completely satisfied” and 37.3% are “somewhat satisfied”. Results also show that 37.7% of respondents are “completely satisfied” with the health insurance provided at work, while 15.5% are “completely dissatisfied”.


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When it comes to career satisfaction, more than half of MENA professionals are “completely satisfied” (52.9%) with their chances of a promotion. This is trailed by almost a quarter (22.6%) who are “somewhat satisfied”. Only 14.8% say that they are “completely dissatisfied” with the chances of promotion. In terms of career growth opportunities, the majority of respondents (68%) are satisfied, too: 41.4% are “completely satisfied” and 26.8% are “somewhat satisfied” with their career growth opportunities. Similarly, 75.8% of MENA respondents say they are satisfied with learning opportunities at work (only 14.5% of respondents are “completely dissatisfied”).

39% of respondents are “satisfied with their job security”, with 36.5% “completely satisfied” and almost a third (29.8%) “somewhat satisfied”.

In general, the results indicate that the majority of MENA respondents are satisfied with their jobs, with 32.4% saying that they are “completely satisfied” and 31.2% being “somewhat satisfied”, while on the other end, nearly a quarter claim the opposite and are “completely dissatisfied” with their job, overall.

“It is pleasing to see that the majority of respondents to our poll are satisfied with their current jobs, providing an overall positive outlook with workplace satisfaction in the MENA region,” said Suhail Masri, VP of Employer Solutions, “It is highly essential to acknowledge that employee satisfaction is an important factor in boosting the reputation and performance of an organization, and meeting the needs of its employees. At, we’ve been working with over 40,000 employers across the MENA region for more than 16 years, helping them source and attract top talent. With such positive sentiment, employers should actively focus on externalizing positive employee perceptions about their companies, in order to attract talented candidates now, and in the future. A simple way to do this is by having a Company Profile, where HR managers and senior staff could share office milestones, team interviews, and photos of their work environment. To go even further, we recommend that companies build their own career portals to shine a light on their corporate culture, by using’s Talentera product, an A-to-Z online recruitment solution.”

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Work-life Balance Satisfaction

Just over 70% of MENA respondents say that they are satisfied with their work-life balance, with a third being “completely satisfied”. Only 9.1% of respondents are “completely dissatisfied” with their work-life balance.

Around three quarters of the respondents (74.7%) are satisfied with their working hours, while 15.8 % claim to be “completely dissatisfied”. In terms of work stress, 37.4% of the MENA respondents are “completely satisfied” with the amount of stress at work, and 31.4% are “somewhat satisfied”. The majority of professionals are satisfied with the amount of work that is required of them (72%); only 9.1% are “completely dissatisfied”.

67.4% of respondents are satisfied with the vacation time they receive, and only 11.4% state that they are “completely dissatisfied”.

Work Environment Satisfaction

According to the poll, the overwhelming majority of MENA professionals are satisfied with their relations with coworkers (82.5%), of which 52.6% are “completely satisfied” and 29.9% are “somewhat satisfied. The minority (9.8%) claim to be “completely dissatisfied” with their work relationships. Additionally, 42.2% of the total respondents are “completely satisfied” with their immediate manager, and when asked about the company’s top management team, more than half (50.9%) are also “completely satisfied”, while nearly a quarter are “somewhat satisfied”.

Almost four in 10 MENA respondents (38.7%) are “completely satisfied” with their physical work environment, while 16% claim to be “completely dissatisfied”.

“At, our mission is to empower people with the tools and technologies they need to build their lifestyle of choice, and it is this mission that has helped us win the prestigious Top Places to Work award by the Great Places to Work Institute for several years in a row,“ continued Masri. “Job seekers interested in finding new job opportunities at companies that offer high workplace satisfaction need look no further than On any given day, active jobseekers have access to over ten thousand fresh job vacancies they can apply to for free, and passive jobseekers are also regularly scouted by employers searching the CV database for fresh talent for top jobs in thriving industries across the career spectrum”.

Data for the 2016 “Workplace Satisfaction in the Middle East and North Africa” poll was collected online from January 30 2016 and March 17 2016. Results are based on a sample of 10,755 respondents. Respondents come from many countries, including the UAE, Bahrain, Algeria, Egypt, Jordan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Morocco, Oman, Tunisia, Qatar and KSA.



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